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Animator, illustrator &
everything between


Nominated by Discovery Creative London and Awarded by Promax UK.

"Promax UK Awards night is the event of the year for celebrating British creative television marketing, promotion, branding and design industry professionals".

Animation Showreel
Alice-Rose Parker

Animation Showreel



*Currently available for freelance work*

I'm a digital designer seeking to positively impact society through emotive storytelling and imaginative design. When creating my animations I alternate between frame by frame (Photoshop) and 2D vector (After Effects), depending on the nature of each project. I like to create things which evoke emotion and make my audience think. In my spare time, I draw fun graphical illustrations which I sell as prints - a business I started in lockdown. After studying motion graphics at Ravensbourne University, I began my career animating for Discovery Networks where I won a Promax award for the 'Best Design Newcomer' in my first year. This lead me to NBCUniversal where I worked for a year before deciding to go freelance. For the past 3 years I have been enjoying working as a freelancer, where I have been lucky enough to work on some very exciting projects. These include lots of charities, popular influencers and big brands which I admire. I am not actively looking for a permanent role but I would consider one with a company I really align with.

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