I created this animation for the Miscarriage Association charity. The brief was to design a video directed at the friends and family of people who have suffered a miscarriage instructing them on what not to say. My animation was used as part of the charity's campaign during national baby loss awareness week this October (2017).

Click here to see the campaign and to find out more about the Miscarriage Association and the wonderful work they do...


I created this animation for the National Autistic Society to help families know what to do if their autistic family member is at risk, has been admitted to or discharged from a mental health hospital.


Life can be overwhelming at times, particularly during periods of change and disruption. Watch these top tips from families on avoiding crisis and admission to an inpatient mental health hospital. Our thanks to the families and self-advocates whose input shaped this animation.



I made this animation for the charity ‘Respond’, who support family members of people with autism and other disabilities, to help them through the dark moments of lockdown. Thanks to the Government’s extra £750 million coronavirus funding for frontline charities, Respond has produced these videos in collaboration with families with lived experience to help other families get through this unprecedented time.

Click here for the charity website to see more of the wonderful work they do...



I created 4 animated scenes which were to be paired with this wonderful charity film for 'Project Harar'.


The piece was used as part of a wider charity appeal for BBC Radio 4.


Project Harar exists to provide treatment for Ethiopian children with cleft, lip or palate or complex facial disfigurements. 

Click here find out more about Project Hara and the incredible work they do..



While working at Discovery London, I volunteered my spare time to help the office's eco friendly team, 'Green D'. 


I was asked to create a video explaining the upcoming recycling challenge taking place in the office. The video was to be displayed around the building to inform employees about the challenge and encourage them to take part. I styled the video to look like an 8-bit video game in order to make the topic of recycling seem more exciting.



I worked in-house at OBR studios creating infographics to be displayed over filmed footage of the channel 4 celebrity doctor, Dr. Dawn, as she spoke about the leading causes of cancer.


The video was created for social media with the aim of raising awareness on how to prevent cancer.

Click here find out more about Cancer Research and the life saving work they do..



I made this animation in 2020 after the death of George Floyd reignited the fight for the Black Lives Matter movement.


This video was a personal project i felt was important to make, as there were a lot of misinformed people on social media regurgitating false facts.  So I did my research and made this animation to set the record straight and explain how the black lives matter hashtag came to be. 


My message was simple - that the Black Lives Matter movement is not about hating white people, but about loving black people and in the end, love always wins.