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A modern, state of the art Homeopathy course designed to meet the complex health needs of the 21st century.


I started by designing the company logo with the task of incorporating a very specific crop circle into the design. 

I then worked closely with the company director to design and build the website from scratch. 


I created this animation for the Miscarriage Association charity. The

brief was to design a video directed at the friends and family of people who have suffered a miscarriage instructing them on what not to say. My animation was used as part of the charity's campaign during national baby loss awareness week this October (2017).

Click here to see the campaign and to find out more about the Miscarriage Association and the wonderful work they do...



I made this animation in 2020 after the death of George Floyd reignited the fight for the Black Lives Matter movement.


This video was a personal project i felt was important to make, as there were a lot of misinformed people on social media regurgitating false facts.  So I did my research and made this animation to set the record straight and explain how the black lives matter hashtag came to be. 


My message was simple - that the Black Lives Matter movement is not about hating white people, but about loving black people and in the end, love always wins.


PIA Investment Management is specialized in Alternative Investment including domestic/overseas real estate, infrastructure, energy and private equity. It aims to play a leading role in the field of alternative investment.


This is an explainer video, offering help and advice on the different types of investment they offer.


In 2018 I was given just one week to create 26 explainer videos with helpful infographics which were paired with prerecorded narrations.


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